Breaking New Ground.

As a passionate eyewear designer, I was keen to create a completely new aesthetic. I also wanted to produce my distinctive style under an independent label. Then I came across the subject of „contrasts and hybrids“. What could be better than combining the old with the new? And the familiar with the future? And so I consistently applied this concept across all aspects of materiality, form and manufacture. For two years I worked on the collection’s concept and after various technical hurdles and modifications I am extremely thrilled to present my collection LEINZ Contemporary Eyewear Berlin.


Craft. Art and Passion.

Developing my brand LEINZ with its unusually courageous design approach builds on a wealth of experience. Following on from both a watchmaking and goldsmithing apprenticeship, I completed a university degree in design and art. This led to my yearlong collaborations as a designer for various international eyewear brands.


1996 Diploma thesis “spectacles” at University Pforzheim, Germany

My most successful models and collections were created in the fashion house Prada and Miu Miu in Milan. From 2013, I developed a distinct and formative design for the then newly launched brand Yohji Yamamoto Eyewear, which quickly achieved considerable attention. Due to designing eyewear being my passion, I have repeatedly set industry trends by creating ground-breaking visions.


2010 ©Prada – Minimal Barock


2011 ©Prada – Teddy


2014 ©Yohji Yamamoto

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Berlin. Germany.
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