protect me.


you and me.


one life.


say my name.

go for it.

your turn.


close your eyes.

LEINZ contemporary eyewear Berlin. Made in Europe. Teamwork.
A brand with fashionable style and personal touch created from me to you. As a passionate eyewear designer I bring to you my craft and art within my brand so you too can make a timeless impact while wearing LEINZ Eyewear. The design concept is made in Berlin and combines traditional Italian craftsmanship with high-end German 3D technology.


LEINZ Eyewear is the winner of the first OPTI BOX AWARD in May 2022.

It was above all the design and marketing with which LEINZ Eyewear convinced the international jury during the German Eyewear Show Opti, Munich. "Unexcited courage", "Quiet extravagance" and "a coherent brand presence with a lot of personality and recognizability" were among the reasons given for the Berlin based start-up.

Feuerbachstrasse 66
14612 Falkensee 
Berlin. Germany.
+49 (0)3322 1210913

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